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Photographs taken by Katherine Tolene

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We focus on how bodies have been conditioned to perform in space through social codes, institutions, childhood, and various systems of power. Through manifesto writing, group discussion, workshops, radical embodiment and self-portraiture—we are passionate about unraveling the multiplicity of what makes us, well, us. We firmly believe that dismantling broken systems of power and healing the body cannot be done without community engagement through organic presence and discussion. We learn together, we grow together, and that’s what we’re here to facilitate—to help humans find their way back home to themselves. 

We believe that "together" is the way home. OBIYB is predominantly a space for womxn, queer and non-binary humans to feel supported in their quest towards dismantling and reclaiming their bodies. 

*It's a strange thing to write a bio of a project that feels so intertwined with who we are as humans, artists and friends. Do we speak of our friendship and the quiet depth of intimacy we felt upon first meeting? How we cried and talked for hours about our ideas, stopping to exclaim over and over, "me too!" as we spoke? And how does one articulate this symbiotic marriage of ideas, concepts and talents without at once bursting into tears for the joy of it all? Do we speak of our graduate work and professional experiences, using words like ephemera, aggregate and interdisciplinary like the usual cerebral academic? Or do we make inappropriate jokes and laugh at how we're both painfully human trying to get our shit together? Because we are, we're all of it and all at once.  Do we keep asking questions because we're too multiplicitous to contain, or settle at simplicity? We're figuring that out. This is us. This is On Being in Your Body. We are sappy, superfluous academics that are passionate about the pursuit of coming home to ourselves and each other. We think crying is brave and breathing is essential. We live to move and flow. Our bodies are our home. 

We built this project out of our mutual experiences and personal practices. It's everything we have been looking for, everything we've tried to create on our own, but were somehow missing a crucial piece of the puzzle (each other).

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Victoria's work centers around understanding and transforming trauma, somatic writing, and the art of embodiment as reclamation. She's dedicated to deconstructing the performance of being human and what it means to have a body. Through her process of healing complex PTSD and living with a chronic illness, Victoria was deeply called towards helping people overcome life's adversity by cultivating a rooted connection to their body and coping through self-exploratory writing.

She is also the director of the non-profit, Integrate. A network of trauma-informed resources for practitioners and survivors. 

Find Victoria's adventures on Instagram

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Caitlin spends her time exploring self portraiture, writing manifestos and deconstructing the subjugation and disembodiment of the female form. Her work revolves around multiplicity of identity, anxiety and claiming ones self through movement, nature and art making. She is a tender queer, that wants to fuck shit up with empathy. 

She is also the Co-Founder and host of The 4A Project, a project that aims to bring comfort and care to activists through community + food.

She can be found over sharing her emotions on instagram, and exploring queerness at Dear Tender Queer. 

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