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We are a small press, creating zines, publications. We collect stories and make space for different voices, we teach workshops and online classes too. This is a guide to wholeness, a way of being, but not an answer. It’s a space for women to feel supported and together. We are walking this road too. We're in this with you.

On Being in Your Body is about reclamation, discovering, remembering, taking back what was taken from us. And writing, writing, writing ourselves. Shifting our narratives from victim to warrior, taking up space and fucking shit up with empathy, compassion and vulnerability. It is about strength and weakness. Falling, failing, flailing. It's about holding space. Questioning everything. And acknowledging our own experiences while believing and honoring the experiences of others. Everyone is welcome. 

* It's a strange thing to write a bio of a project that feels so intertwined with who we are as humans, artists and friends. Do we speak of our friendship and the quiet depth of intimacy we felt upon first meeting? How we cried and talked for hours about our ideas, stopping to exclaim over and over, "me too!" as we spoke? And how does one articulate this symbiotic marriage of ideas, concepts and talents without at once bursting into tears for the joy of it? Do we speak of our graduate work and professional experiences, using words like ephemera, aggregate and interdisciplinary like the usual pompous academic? Or do we make inappropriate jokes, and say how ridiculously fucked up we both are? How we're still getting our shit together and sorting out demons through humor and raw human vulnerability. Or do we keep asking questions because we're too multiplicitous to contain? This is us.  We are sappy, superfluous academics that make lots of inappropriate jokes and have regular meltdowns. We think crying is brave and breathing is essential.

We built this project out of our mutual experiences and personal practices. It's everything we have been looking for, everything we've tried to create on our own, but were somehow missing a crucial piece in the puzzle (each other).

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Bay Area, CA

Victoria is incredibly passionate about using her writing to inspire others, building community, advocating for human rights, self-care, creative collaborations, and making holistic wellness accessible to those who need it. Overcoming complex PTSD and healing a disease that almost took her life, Victoria was deeply called to helping people overcome their struggles through the importance of cultivating a mind-body connection and vulnerably writing through life's blazing experiences. She's precisely 50% namaste and 50% fuck outta here.

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Caitlin spends her time exploring self portraiture, writing manifestos and deconstructing the subjugation and disembodiment of the female form. Her work revolves around multiplicity of identity, anxiety and claiming ones self through movement, nature and art making. She is a tender queer, that wants to fuck shit up with empathy. 

She can be found over sharing her emotions on instagram.

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