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A self-paced, online course hosted on Pathwright.

This class is the love child of writer + somatic practitioner, Victoria Emanuela and interdisciplinary artist + educator Caitlin Metz. It is the culmination of all they have been thinking, exploring, and researching for the past decade.

Write yourself and be present in your body through the use of somatic exercises, assigned reading, embodied writing, guided meditations and art making. In this course, you will write a manifesto, explore self portraiture and deepen the personal practice of being in your body.

By exploring the space between the universe, mind, and your tender body; you will witness histories of your narrative come together and fall apart. You will move, un-peel, and grow. It’s time to challenge all of your conditioned behavior, subconscious programming, question your inner critic, subvert the ways your body has been taken from you, and throw up a middle finger at the ideologies of an oppressive world. You will step deeply into the practice of deconstructing social constructs that influence the relationship you have to your body. You have everything you need within you; we're here to help you reclaim yourself, realign with your needs and the wisdom that's already within you.

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This course is for folks that want to explore what it means to fully embody themselves, challenge the ways they have been conditioned to perform their existence, and write a manifesto about reclaiming their power. This space is designed and held for folks identifying as womxn / non-binary.

You feel out of touch with yourself. You feel disconnected from your body. You enjoy forward thinking, sifting through life's bullshit, and writing vulnerably. You want to challenge limiting or problematic mindsets. You are in the process of healing. You want to radically deepen your relationship with yourself. You want to strengthen your creative process. You want to connect with your inner child. You want to experience radical embodiment and feel at home in yourself. You want to learn how to meditate. You want to resist oppressive social structures. You want to be uninhibited in making this world a safer space for all. You want to dissect what parts of you are under erasure. You want to grow and rebuild yourself.

*For more details, please read our course description.

You get six modules of content. Access to a private facebook group where your instructors and classmates will share, explore and offer support. A digital copy of our book A guide to Writing Yourself. And unlimited access to the course.

We suggest setting aside 2-4 hours a week for assigned reading, meditations and exercises if you wish to complete each module in a week. You will also be asked to keep a daily journal. How much you do is up to you, but we hope you'll hold space for this sacred work. Feel free to take your time, and move slowly through the content so you can fully soak it up. 

If you are unsure if this is the right course for you, reach out for more information. We want to make sure it's a good fit because we're aware that it's not for everyone. We won't be offering refunds.